ProcureCon Indirect East 2021

September 20 - 22, 2021

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At ProcureCon East we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular articles and case studies.

Research Briefs

Talent Management Strategies for Procurement

Automation tech increases the amount of data at our fingertips and lowers the amount of tactical work in procurement– the industry now seeks new skill sets.

Cognitive Procurement: Using AI and Machine Learning Tech

Procurement leaders are investing in tech solutions that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize procurement performance.


Sustainable Procurement: What, Why, and How

Sustainability leaders in procurement align strategies with the company's core values, which found a place in the business case alongside enhanced engagement.

Procurement Strategy for Supplier-Enabled Innovation

Procurement teams can deliver business value through engaging, collaborative partnerships with innovative solution suppliers.

Digitalization Challenges & Strategies in Procurement

Procurement organizations are finding ways to overcome digitalization roadblocks through business model transformations and digital procurement strategies.

Talent Management & Development Strategy in Procurement

With digital trends and changing needs in procurement, businesses need to identify new skill sets and develop existing talent accordingly.

Technological Solutions to Common Procurement Challenges

Smart technology has solved many painful challenges in traditional procurement operations, allowing for higher productivity and collaboration with suppliers.

The Best Procurement, Sourcing, & Purchasing Conferences in 2019

The Procurement CIO-CPO Report

Within a modern organization, the role of technology is central to productivity. Appointing leadership that can confidently guide the business towards the right solutions is critical.

Procurement Leader Strategies for Bridging Gaps in Stakeholder Alignment

Stakeholder alignment is a critical element of Procurement's success, and understanding how relationships are performing today as well as how they can be improved provides a significant advantage for executives who are able to apply the lessons gleaned from the collective experience of their peers.