Talent Management Strategies for Procurement

Why Procurement’s Skill-Set is Changing, and Why that’s a Good Thing.

Full Report Available: May 2020

The procurement department is changing as automation is increasingly applied to tactical processes. New technologies are enhancing the means that the department has to leverage an overhead view of aggregated spending data in order to make strategic decisions. By lowering the amount of tactical work and increasing the amount of data at the fingertips of the average practitioner, technology is beginning to make its mark on what the procurement employee of the near future’s skill sets will emphasize.

In many cases, this will encompass both soft management and communication skills, as well as a “data scientist” skill set. A new hire may now resemble an individual that is comfortable interacting with new technology to leverage the information available to the department at scale, creating and testing data-driven hypothesis and then making a case for the insights that they have uncovered. While it’s important to note that the human element of procurement cannot be fully replaced, it’s equally important to understand how organizations are working to enhance the capabilities of their employees.

In Talent Management Strategies for a New Breed of Procurement Professional, part of WBR Insights’ ProcureCon content series, we will be exploring the shifting dynamics of procurement hiring, specifically how new technology is impacting expectations and the most coveted skill sets of newer members of the workforce.

Full Report Available: May 2020

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