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Building More Diverse and Inclusive Teams in Procurement


In procurement, many organizations have focused on developing supplier diversity as a social responsibility and a business imperative. But procurement organizations must also look internally, incorporating diversity into their own teams.

Sustainability in the Supply Chain: The Role of Green and Reduced Packaging


Reducing waste and pollution in the supply chain has been a hot topic for years, but the need is becoming more urgent. Climate change and waste in our oceans have dire implications for the global economy as well as the health and wellbeing of those living on our planet...

Cybersecurity and the Remote Workforce: The Role of IT Procurement


Today's procurement processes operate on multiple platforms and technologies, across borders and oceans, and within multiple integrations between enterprises. Inevitably, sensitive data such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, invoices, bid information, names, addresses...

Solving the Biggest Challenges in Supplier Diversity


The ethical and business cases for supplier diversity are already well-established. Developing a diverse supplier base can help organizations promote innovation through the introduction of new products and services, add resiliency and flexibility to the supply chain, and drive competition...

How the Role of Procurement Leadership is Changing in 2021

Now that Procurement leaders are taking part in strategic discussions, they have more opportunities to prove the value of the function. It also represents a significant shift in how organizations are structured around Procurement and which stakeholders the function reports to.

Investments in Robotic Process Automation Deliver ROI - But Barriers Remain

Here, we'll explore the current state of RPA in the Procurement function and what lies just over the horizon for this capability.

Procurement Technology Has Reached a Mature Level of Performance - What's Next?

The quality of Procurement's supplier selection and the function's ability to manage its myriad suppliers are increasingly connected to technology solutions, and cloud-based solutions are dominating this space.

Talent Management Strategies for Procurement

Automation tech increases the amount of data at our fingertips and lowers the amount of tactical work in procurement– the industry now seeks new skill sets.

Cognitive Procurement: Using AI and Machine Learning Tech

Procurement leaders are investing in tech solutions that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize procurement performance.

Sustainable Procurement: What, Why, and How

Sustainability leaders in procurement align strategies with the company's core values, which found a place in the business case alongside enhanced engagement.

Procurement Strategy for Supplier-Enabled Innovation


Procurement teams can deliver business value through engaging, collaborative partnerships with innovative solution suppliers.

Digitalization Challenges & Strategies in Procurement

Procurement organizations are finding ways to overcome digitalization roadblocks through business model transformations and digital procurement strategies.

Talent Management & Development Strategy in Procurement

With digital trends and changing needs in procurement, businesses need to identify new skill sets and develop existing talent accordingly.

Technological Solutions to Common Procurement Challenges

Smart technology has solved many painful challenges in traditional procurement operations, allowing for higher productivity and collaboration with suppliers.

Best Procurement Sourcing Purchasing Conferences

Are you part of the procurement community and looking for a helpful place to view upcoming conferences & events? One of the best ways to keep updated on trends in the industry is by attending procurement conferences. Not only can you take away actionable insights from executives from the world’s largest companies, but you can also leave with long-term business connections with your industry peers. In this blog post, you’ll find some of the top procurement and sourcing conferences & events, why you should attend them, and what you can expect.

ProcureCon's 2018 CIO-CPO Report

Within a modern organization, the role of technology is central to productivity. Appointing leadership that can confidently guide the business towards the right solutions is critical.

Procurement Leader Strategies for Bridging Gaps in Stakeholder Alignment

Stakeholder alignment is a critical element of Procurement's success, and understanding how relationships are performing today as well as how they can be improved provides a significant advantage for executives who are able to apply the lessons gleaned from the collective experience of their peers

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