ProcureCon Indirect East 2019

March 25 - 27, 2019

Omni Amelia Island, FL

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DAY 2 - Tuesday, March 26, 2019: Delivering On The Message: Talent. Technology, and Process Excellence

7:15 am - 7:30 am Breakfast In The Solutions Zone

7:15 am - 7:30 am ProcureCon Labs Meet & Greet (Pre-Registration Required)

7:30 am - 8:20 am Aspiring For Greatness – Making The Leap To CPO (Pre-Registration Required)

Doug Kortfelt - SVP and CPO, CNA Insurance
This exclusive seminar is limited to 20 Procurement Practitioners.  This session is recommended for those who aspire to become a CPO within the short term (1-2 years).  You’ll hear trips, tricks, and techniques to move your career forward. We expect this session to fill up fast – look for an RSVP announcement in Fall 2018. 

Doug Kortfelt

CNA Insurance

8:20 am - 8:30 am Chairman’s Opening Remarks

8:30 am - 9:00 am Keynote Presentation: Leadership In Procurement

Natasha Gurevich - Vice President, Vice President Services Sourcing, Salesforce

Natasha Gurevich

Vice President, Vice President Services Sourcing

9:00 am - 9:30 am Keynote Fireside Chat: A Match Made In Heaven: Bringing Together Your Procurement And Supply Chain Teams to Create Better Control, Cost Ownership, and Collaboration

Tim Cronin - Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, Florida Blue John Fafian - Director - Head of Strategy and Sourcing, PwC
Even if you don’t have a Chief Supply Chain Officer in your organization, you won’t want to miss this engaging chat with two leading experts who have found synergy between their supply chain and procurement team to deliver value to their stakeholders.  You’ll learn how they accomplished their own objectives in a challenging environment and provide you with key takeaways to enhance your internal stakeholder relationships. Key takeaways include:
•How to best partner with supply chain
•Developing an approach for success
•Managing political and organizational roadblocks


Tim Cronin

Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer
Florida Blue


John Fafian

Director - Head of Strategy and Sourcing

9:30 am - 9:50 am Presentation By GEP

General Session
Whether you’re embarking on a global initiative or just trying to stay ahead of Trump’s trade war, you won’t want to miss this engaging discussion of what priorities you need to take now with your suppliers to lead your organization through any geopolitical storm that is currently brewing.  You’ll shine like the sun in your next meeting with your CFO when asked what you’re doing to prepare!
•What steps you should take now to address current risk environment
•Key risk areas and how to address them
•How procurement can stay ahead of the curve


Kim DeWitt

Head of Procurement and Material Control
CF Industries


Jody Paviglionite

Vice President, Supply Management
Assa Abloy


Lynn McKnight

Head of Procurement
Jefferson Science Associates LLC


Peter Rhodes Easley

Deputy Chief of Corporate Procurement and Head of Sourcing and Category Management
World Bank


Pawana Burlakoti

Group Product Manager

Negotiators Boardroom

9:50 am - 10:30 am Negotiation Master Class: The Art Of Procurement Meets Positive Disruption

Joanna Martinez - Founder, Supply Chain Advisors
With examples culled from the best in the business, listen to a fresh take on how to tackle those big negotiations on your to-do list. In this informative workshop, learn to think differently, achieve a better outcome, and walk away with new ideas and approaches to add to your toolkit. 

Joanna Martinez

Supply Chain Advisors

10:30 am - 11:10 am Top Of The Morning Jumpstart With A Networking Break In The Solutions Zone

General Session

11:10 am - 11:30 am Presentation: CRM For Procurement: Taking Stakeholder Management To The Next Level

In this session you’ll learn from a leader who took a commonly used tactic in sales and applied it to managing his/her procurement stakeholders.  You won’t want to miss this innovative way of making sure all of your stakeholder needs are met!  Key takeaways include:
•Techniques to elevate stakeholder relationships and helping your internal team see the importance of it.
•Elements of CRM that you can apply when you get back into the office
•How to get leadership buy-in for your approach

11:30 am - 12:10 pm Fireside Chat: Tariffs and Trade Wars: Macroeconomic Factors Impacting Your Next Negotiations

Whether it is impending changes in global trade, new tax laws or general political instability, something is probably keeping you up at night, wondering how to prepare for and mitigate risk in an uncertain world. In this panel, procurement execs discuss how to adapt, change, and thrive in the storm.  
•How procurement can react to import duties and trade restrictions evolving out of the Trump administration
•What do new environmental policies mean for sourcing?
•How to deal with the new price of foreign outsourced labor 
•How to turn policy change into an opportunity to outpace competitors and disrupt markets, becoming the disruptor, not the disrupted
•Thinking creatively about reanalyzing sourcing strategies and discovering new opportunities to effectively respond to disruption

Negotiators Boardroom

11:10 am - 11:30 am Workshop: Playing Monopoly: Negotiating For Success With A Limited Supplier Base

Carol Phillipps - Senior Director, Business Operations Sourcing, Biogen Dan Miller - Associate Director Strategic Sourcing, Biogen
We’ve all been there before – feeling frustrated when dealing with a supplier who is the only ‘game’ in town.  But don’t let it get the best of you.  This engaging workshop will help you get better value out of your monopoly suppliers and set your team up for success. This workshop will help you better understand how to:
-Approach a monopolistic supplier
-Determine negotiation objectives
-Identify levers of negotiation
-Identify and execute a win/win scenario


Carol Phillipps

Senior Director, Business Operations Sourcing


Dan Miller

Associate Director Strategic Sourcing

11:30 am - 12:10 pm Workshop: Bringing The Cloud Into Focus: Negotiating SaaS (Software as a Service) Agreements

Chris Rhinehart - AVP Procurement, HCA Healthcare
Cloud computing has gone well beyond being a simple buzzword. It’s now a mainstream, fully-developed solution that’s fundamentally changing the ways that companies do business. 

The ease of entry to the cloud enables organizations to easily rush in. As such, it’s even more crucial that you have a solid and established approach going into such negotiations. You’ll leave this workshop with key takeaways surrounding:
-The pain points SaaS vendors have when initially starting and renewing a relationship
-Developing an effective pricing model
-Understanding key issues/levers surrounding risk and compliance
-Tips/Tricks for finding a win/win scenario


Chris Rhinehart

AVP Procurement
HCA Healthcare

12:10 pm - 2:00 pm Lunch And Epic Awards Ceremony

It’s time once again to recognize & honor exceptional achievements in corporate procurement! There are many award programs out there, but none that focus on the drastic transformations achieved by you and your peers within indirect procurement organizations. We will have various categories that showcase individual and team achievement.
Revisiting Procurement Basics Procurement
Whether you are an advanced expert or new to the game, you won’t want to miss this fresh look on some of the perennial procurement concepts and topics.

Long a standard of procurement methodologies, the typical RFP ends up being seen as too general, resulting in a "check the box" approach from vendors interested in winning the business. Companies often tend to cast a wide net so as not to miss out on an opportunity, but in the end, you're left with canned responses and the natural conclusion is just to select lowest price tag, not necessarily the best value. This session will help you decide if you:
•Can you still have real success with the traditional RFP, or are there alternative methods that will get even better results?
•Techniques to help make the procurement process more agile
•Are there specific category -specific approaches that work?


Jackie Riordan

Senior Manager
KIND Snacks


Doug Gerard

Manager, Global Logistics & Indirect Sourcing


Ernie Hernandez

Executive Director, Purchasing & Logistics
Westgate Resorts

2:40 pm - 3:00 pm Presentation By Concord

Making An Impact With Procurement Transformation
If you are looking to digitize, globalize, or take other drastic changes to your procurement team, these sessions will get you on the track for success

As emerging markets assume a greater role in the global economy, traditional supply models that have shaped global commerce are expected to change dramatically.  What can you do now to prepare?  This panel will help answer that question and provide you with insight regarding:
Pre-globalization due diligence
•Where does globalization vs. regionalization make sense
•What service providers are offering truly global solution
•Getting your regional partners on board


Guy Smith

Sr. Director of Procurement Sourcing


Jonathan Tucker

Director, Strategic Sourcing
Jones Lang Lasalle


Eve Reiter

Managing Director — Indirect Procurement
State Street

2:40 pm - 3:00 pm Presentation By ProcureCon Partner

Getting ‘Unstuck”: Finding Ways To Innovate Mature Programs
Feeling like you’ve done it all but still being pressed for additional results?  This track explores unique ways to take your mature program to the next level.

2:00 pm - 2:40 pm Case Study: War Games: The Battle Against IT Vendor Risk, And How Procurement Can Win

Tanita Montgomery - Manager, Strategic Sourcing, Amgen
There is perhaps no greater concern for businesses today than that of cyber risk. But cyber risk is just one of many risks you need to watch out for when negotiating agreements with your IT vendors. This illuminating case study will engage you with how to:
•Develop a risk methodology for existing vendors
•Prioritize which IT vendors to focus on
•Negotiate services related to cybersecurity – how do you ensure you’re only getting what you really need?
•Develop a risk methodology for existing vendors
•Be seen as a true partner to your IT organization.


Tanita Montgomery

Manager, Strategic Sourcing

2:40 pm - 3:00 pm Presentation By ProcureCon Partner

CPO Network
(limited to 30 CPOs & Global Heads of Indirect with $1B+ in spend)

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Boardroom: Building A Team Of Future Leaders; Redefining Skillsets Needed To Succeed

Jill Robbins - Director Global Procurement, Elanco Animal Health
We’ve all heard it before - AI, machine learning and Blockchain is expected to replace normal patterns of work and increasingly replace manual tasks.  

But training your team in this area can take valuable resources that aren’t always readily available or have to be reallocated from other (more time pressing) priorities.

This engaging discussion will allow you to share stories, experiences, successes, and failures in adapting your team for the future.


Jill Robbins

Director Global Procurement
Elanco Animal Health

3:00 pm - 3:40 pm Coffee Cart Break – Last Chance To Visit The Solutions Zone

Supplier Diversity Programs came into existence is the US  President Richard Nixon signed Executive Order 11625 in 1972 and focused on African Americans. In the 40+ years since then, the concept has become more inclusive, incorporating more ethnic minorities, women, veterans, the LGBT and disabled communities and other small businesses in the USA and sometimes abroad. 

As a CPO or Head of Indirect, you’ve likely communicated the values of Supplier Diversity and how it is aligned with your overall corporate values (and have resources dedicated to the effort.).  But do you know if your Supplier Diversity program is fully aligned with your sourcing organization?  This panel will discuss the tips, tricks, and techniques necessary to incorporate Supplier Diversity into your team’s DNA.  Areas for discussion include:: 
•How to align SD’s goals with your Operational Master Plan? 
•Approaches to incorporate SD wins in team/individual evaluations
•Approaches to include diverse suppliers within overall supplier risk management programs.  


Nathan Ayres

Vice President Strategic Sourcing
Prudential Financial


Dan Mentrikoski

Senior Buyer – H&W Benefits


Eric Smith

Procurement Manager

If you are looking to start up a transformation effort or accelerate an existing initiative, you won’t want to miss this informative panel that will teach you how to move forward a transformation initiative in any organization, regardless of size or scope.
•Developing the case for procurement transformation
•Incorporating digitization efforts within a transformation initiative
•Understanding how transformation efforts can fall short of expectations
•Determining when a transformation effort is complete.


Nancy Nicoll

Vice President, NFR / Indirect Strategic Sourcing
Ahold Delhaize USA


Josh King

Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer
American Water Company


Jeff Crowley

Vice President - Indirect Procurement
SUEZ North America


Lisa Becker

North America Head of Procurement

3:40 pm - 4:20 pm Workshop: Achieving Real Supplier Innovation…Removing Foundational Barriers For Success

Lawrence Kane - Senior Leader, Strategic Sourcing Functional Excellence & First Time Quality, Boeing
Even though it’s a commonly used buzzword, innovation isn’t easy.  But if you’re not pushing your suppliers to drive innovation in their own processes, you’re leaving a significant amount of value and savings on the table.  This workshop will review the techniques Boeing uses and will brainstorm similar ideas for your own suppliers.

Lawrence Kane

Senior Leader, Strategic Sourcing Functional Excellence & First Time Quality

3:40 pm - 4:20 pm Boardroom: Sourcing And Implementing Disruptive Technologies

This lively discussion will detail out best practices, approaches, and lessons learned when sourcing talent and tools for the digitization of your procurement processes.
These interactive roundtable sessions take a deep dive into the specific areas you came to learn about. Sit and learn in an intimate format from the speakers who have had an impact on their company and industry. Take control of your own event experience and don’t be shy! Ask questions (or answer them!) alongside other conference attendees who are dealing with the same challenges as you network with industry peers with very similar challenges, interests and responsibilities.

1.Travel – Jason Cole, Category Manager, Professional Services & Travel, The Endurance Group 
2.Information Technology - Mark Elgersma, Strategic Sourcing Lead - Information Technology, Target
3.Legal Jaime Crump, President and CEO, The Richwell Group
4.Contingent Talent Management Melissa St. Clair, Sr. Manager, Staffing Program, TIAA
5.Dispute Management Christina Najjar, Director, Procurement and Contract Operations, AARP
6.Marketing Michael Rafferty, Executive Director, Global Marketing Procurement, Kaplan
7.Facilities/Real Estate Don Scott, Director, Strategic Sourcing, Raymond James &  Erica Hill, Managing Director, Group Supply Chain Leader, CBRE
8.MRO Jonathan Tucker, Director, Strategic Sourcing, Jones Lange LaSalle
9.Transitioning From Direct To Indirect Joe Maurer, Strategic Sourcing Manager-Services, Mars


Jason Cole

Category Manager, Professional Services & Travel
The Endurance Group


Jaime Crump

President & CEO
The Richwell Group


Melissa St. Clair

Sr. Manager, Staffing Program


Christina Najjar

Director, Procurement and Contract Operations


Michael Rafferty

Executive Director, Global Marketing Procurement

Don Scott

Director, Strategic Sourcing
Raymond James


Erica Hill

Managing Director, Group Supply Chain Leader


Jonathan Tucker

Director, Strategic Sourcing
Jones Lang Lasalle


Joe Maurer

Strategic Sourcing Manager-Services

4:20 pm - 5:20 pm Workshop: Omni Greenhouse And Barrel Room Experience (Pre-Registration Required)

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind epicurean journey with three different experiences in our Sprouting Project and Barrel Room. Led by the culinary team at Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, The Sprouting Project and Barrel Room Experience will give a few attendees a chance to learn about the art of blending their own hot sauce, taste different varietals of honey, and enjoy barrel aged cocktails.

4:20 pm - 5:20 pm Boardroom: Recap And Roundtable Discussion

As the CPO Network comes to a close, we’ll use this session to follow up on any outstanding points from the previous sessions as well as cover any additional adhoc topics that you want to share. 

5:20 pm - 6:20 pm ProcureCon Picnic Party

After a busy day at the conference relax to some chill vibes and good music as you enjoy a beautiful picnic among the lush grounds of the Omni’s Magnolia Garden adjacent to the session rooms. We’ll have picnic fare, campfires, and plenty of beverages on hand as you watch the beautiful Florida sunset over the horizon.