ProcureCon Indirect East 2020

December 02 - 04, 2020

Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate

ProcureCon Indirect East 2018 On Demand

Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Michael Shaw, Chairperson, American Council of Sourcing and Procurement Executives

The Role Of Procurement In An Era Of Political And Economic Disruption

Béatrice Walker, Joanna Martinez, Mel Ohl, Tim Cronin
As you lead your teams into another year of unchartered territory, we’re kicking ProcureCon East 2018 off in a big way by having procurement visionaries discuss how their teams are adapting, changing, and thriving to accommodate the ongoing geopolitical, economic, and business disruption. You’ll leave this session empowered and prepared for whatever 2018 has in store for you and your team. Key topics include:
- What pressures from the CEO, CFO, CIO, etc. should procurement be anticipating
- How procurement can react to import duties and trade restrictions evolving out of the Trump administration
- What do new environmental policies mean for sourcing?
- How to prepare for risk amongst all the uncertainty – What actions should you take now vs. wait and see?

Blueprint For Success: A One Card Solution For T&E And Procurement

Andrea Krzyzanowski

Whether you’re building a new system, process, or even a house you need to develop an effective blueprint to ensure success..  This lively case study will showcase a particular journey made by the DuPont sourcing team. You’ll hear insights that can help you in any related initiative/project implementation.

The business case for a one card solution
What services are payment cards providing
Best practices regarding corporate cards and payment alternatives
Incorporating company culture

The Procurement Team And CPO Of The Future – Will You Be Ready?

Cheryl Hayes,  Michael Shaw,  Perneet Malhotra,  Walt Charles

Given the rapidly changing business environment facing all industries, the role of the procurement function and specifically the CPO will need to adapt and change. What will these teams look like and how will they serve their stakeholders? Has the CPO function really evolved as we expected? Leading procurement visionaries will share their thoughts on what’s next so that you can embrace, rather than fear, future changes.

Key questions that will be discussed include:
- Has the CPO function evolved the way we thought it would have?
- What will the future role of the CPO look like? How can a CPO be a truly functional part of the C suite?
- The CPO of the future – what skills and value will s/he bring to the table
- What can you do now to prepare

Tomorrow’s Procurement: The 3 T’s For Success

Gabe Perez, Vice President, Strategy and Market Development, Coupa

Engaging With Stakeholders To Build Trust

Michael Cadieux

It's a question as old as procurement itself - how do you truly engage stakeholders and sell your value proposition? The question can be vexing for some, and seemingly answered long ago for others.  This workshop is designed to be an open dialogue for everyone - regardless of where you fall on the spectrum. 

Key topics include:
Becoming a trusted, "go-to" brand within an organization
Aligning priorities and resources
Providing quality - not just cost savings

Machine Learning in Services Procurement – It's a Game Changer

Bruce Morton

Machine Learning, just one aspect of Artificial Intelligence, is changing Services Procurement as we know it. Allegis Global Solution’s ACUMEN Workforce Intelligence domain and data expertise, together with Brightfield’s Talent Data Exchange technology will enable its client’s full visibility, faster placement process and greater ROI reporting. Machine learning technology can consider millions of factors to answer complicated contingent workforce and SOW questions with unparalleled speed. Historically, analyzing the many dimensions and unstructured data required an extensive manual process. Now, due to the technology developed by Allegis Global Solutions and Brightfield Strategies the process is entirely automated to give you visibility, insight and predictability.

Incorporating Supplier Feedback Into The Soul Of Procurement: Developing A Supplier Forum That Works

Stacy Joslin

This session is for anyone looking for better ways to identify value generation opportunities from the suppliers who work day-in and day-out with your organization’s stakeholders.  They know more about the ‘soul’ of your organization than you might think!  
Stacy Joslin will share with you her experience at Citrix, where she invited over 50 suppliers to a one-day Supplier Forum.  She’ll not only tell you how she did it, but will also challenge you to deliver a similar initiative within your own organization.  

Key takeaways and discussion points include: 
Selling procurement leadership on the value of a supplier forum 
Forum planning, content, and delivery
Supplier whitepaper generation process
Lessons learned – what worked well and could use improvement.

Next Productivity Gear: Using Big Data to Unlock Savings

Walt Charles

Frustrated that existing sourcing processes, methodologies, and tried and true practices are achieving diminishing results? This visionary presentation will demonstrate how the power of Big Data can shatter traditional sourcing inertia and push the productivity meter forward. Procurement futurist Walt Charles of Biogen will empower you with cutting edge techniques that can dramatically achieve greater value from your supply base though helping you:

- Envision an ideal procurement process unencumbered by data collection and analytics.
- Identify a Big Data methodology, approach, and technology that works for your organization
- Obtain true granularity around cost drivers of purchased goods
- Imagine what the future holds for Big Data and how it will impact the procurement function.

Automated Outsourcing Processing With Use Of Macros On Steroids (aka Robotics Process Automation)

Fernando Hernandez,  Mike Schiappa,  Steve Hrubala

There are forces at work behind the scenes that will completely transform outsourcing processes as we know them. In the ever-pressing need to have things better, faster, cheaper and measurable, how does the procurement organization of the future accommodate such changes from the business, how can you prepare for these advancements, and how will they affect your relationships? The future is closer than you think!

This panel will give you the insights necessary to help influence RPA vendor relationships in your own organization.
• The impact of Robotics Process Automation on key business processes and headcount
• Lessons learned regarding how best to negotiate with RPA suppliers and work with stakeholders to address their needs
• Can Alexa replace your secretary, or Watson replace your lower-level analysts? What is the future of RPA and where is it headed?

Digital Procurement Transformation

Erin Riley

Procurement transformation is a popular buzz-phrase these days. More and more organizations are looking to make a big step forward in procurement value delivery by radical reengineering of processes and operations. Software must be considered central to the transformation process.
Technology no longer plays a supporting role in procurement and, thus, procurement transformation is a digital transformation. In this session, we will look at the critical role software plays today and how a digital-first approach to procurement transformation is best-practice. GEP will provide the theory and University of California will describe their journey to achieving next-generation procurement results by taking advantage of the power of new technology.

You will learn:

• The critical role that software plays in procurement today
• The right approach to aligning people, process and software can facilitate transformation in value delivery
• Strategies for promoting procurement transformation through use of technology
• How to begin the transformation of procurement processes in your organization.

Unlocking Procurement Value Through A Shared Service Model

Mike Owens

Shared services is a model that many organizations put in place to drive lower costs, improve operational scale, and centralize tactical functions within a single team.  Listen to Dell’s experience in standing up and evolving their procurement shared services model to enable greater procurement value through availability of the centralization of the following services:

• P2P operations (PR approval, supplier onboarding, helpdesk)
• RFX support
• Contracting
• Business analytics
• Local sourcing and tail spend management

Creating Extraordinary Communities By Activating Innovative Solutions

Amee Foss, National Director of Procurement and Plant Operations, Watermark Retirement Communities

Alicia Navarro, National Procurement Manager, Watermark Retirement Communities

What’s Your Plan Be?

Libby Spears  

Looking for a mid-morning energy boost? You’ll get this and more in this entertaining and enthralling presentation. Having already ‘wowed’ the crowd at 2017 ProcureCon Travel conference, Libby Spears will address the conundrum of How the heck can I stand out in a crowded, competitive, and noisy marketplace? You’ll leave this session boosted with the necessary energy, confidence, and charisma for success! Libby will surprise and delight you with:

- How Plan A thinking (this is how we have always done things people!) doesn't work anymore
- How to help yourself, your Procurement team, and company step up, step out, and find the courage to Be!

GPOs and Procurement: Innovation in the Era of Disruption

James Hallock,  Scott Miller

Have you heard many differing opinions about working with GPOs? If so, join this session to learn what is fact and what is fiction and some best practices in working with GPOs

MRO Advanced Supply Techniques

Brian Geiger

Techniques for Indirect MRO spend management that bridge production consumables and spare parts providing a holistic approach to content management, source to pay, inventory & asset control that drives the total cost of ownership and efficiency of the supply chain.

Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Christian Widmann,  Holly Gieseke,  Jessica Houston,  Melissa Burkland

The concept of Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) has been around for awhile but who is really doing it and what software really makes it work?

- Get stakeholders on board for the process and system changes
- Address past challenges/difficulties with Enterprise CLM
- Share terms across a relationship (both sell-side and buy-side) with a common entity
- Extract metadata from contracts for further insight and analytics
- Streamline upstream opportunities surrounding vetting, approving, signing and tracking/monitoring contractual

Our panelists will share their exclusive insights so you can execute this initiative with confidence and success (and hopefully avoid the Bad and the Ugly!).

Preparing For The Challenge: Embracing Services/SOWs Within Your Procurement Program

Christian Widmann,  Melissa Burkland

Incorporating SOW and services within your procurement program has a host of challenges and continues to be a contentious issue in most organizations.
This engaging case study will show you how MetLife accomplished this and will challenge you to do the same.  Will you be up for the challenge? Key areas of discussion include:

- Obtaining organizational buy in
- VMS SOW Functionality – Is it ready for prime time?
- Short term vs. Long Term Strategy