ProcureCon Indirect East 2018

February 20-February 22, 2018

Amelia Island, FL

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DAY 1: Leading Your Team In An Era of Disruption (Practitioners Only)

7:30 AM - 8:25 AM Continental Breakfast & Registration

8:25 AM - 8:35 AM Welcome Remarks/Icebreaker

Michael Dunlap, Event Director, ProcureCon Indirect East


Michael Dunlap

Event Director
ProcureCon Indirect East

8:35 AM - 8:45 AM Chairperson’s Opening Address

Feeling uncertain about where 2018 is headed? Whether it’s North Korea, immigration laws, “The Wall”, destructive hurricanes, Brexit, or a host of other factors, 2017 can be characterized as a year of disruption unlike any other in recent times. As you lead your teams into another year of unchartered territory, we’re kicking ProcureCon East 2018 off in a big way by having procurement visionaries discuss how their teams are adapting, changing, and thriving to accommodate the ongoing geopolitical, economic, and business disruption. You’ll leave this session empowered and prepared for whatever 2018 has in store for you and your team. Key topics include:

  • What pressures from the CEO, CFO, CIO, etc. should procurement be anticipating
  • How procurement can react to import duties and trade restrictions evolving out of the Trump administration
  • What do new environmental policies mean for sourcing?
  • How to prepare for risk amongst all the uncertainty – What actions should you take now vs. wait and see?


Béatrice Walker

Goods and Services Indirect Procurement Director
AGCO Corporation

Tim Cronin

Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer
Florida Blue

Adam Boal

Global Director of Indirect Procurement and Corporate Services
Edgewell Personal Care

9:25 AM - 9:30 AM Walk To Working Groups

Group purchasing organizations (GPOs) have delivered a good amount of value to companies who don’t have scale in some categories to make the supplier negotiations worth it. However, they were a bit controversial- with minimum spend requirements, buy-in fees, and confidentiality issues - but that is now a thing of the past, and many companies are looking at GPOs again to increase buying leverage. Join this working group to:

  • Discuss how you can optimize and maximize your GPO relationships,
  • Overcome any hurdles to using them effectively.
  • Understand best practices regarding use of selection of GPOs.


Sean Smith

Director, Supply Chain

Stephen Hughes

Executive Director of Procurement
The College Board
Fleet management is a niche category that can cause a considerable amount of headaches, risk, and challenges to any organization if left unmanaged. This working group will explore these challenges and various organization and will help you with the following regardless of your program’s maturity. Join this working group to:

  • Discuss how you can develop a sourcing strategy that considers country and regional internal/external maturity differences.
  • Develop an effective working relationship with users of fleet management and stakeholders responsible for managing the day-to-day challenges
  • Understand fleet management best practices.


Kenneth Chan

Head of All Fleet Services and Chief Procurement Officer
Asplundh Tree Expert

Jeff Smith

Sourcing Director

Andrea Krzyzanowski

Program Manager - Fleet, Travel, Corporate Cards and Meetings & Events

Working Group 3

9:30 AM - 10:40 AM Managing Your Non-Employee Workforce (Consultants, Professional Services, Contingent Staffing)

Lynn McKnight, Head of Procurement, Jefferson Science Associates Jason Cammorata, Director, Strategic Sourcing, MDC Partners
This working group will discuss what you need to know about the risks and opportunities of managing your non-employee workforce: Join this working group to:

  • Help determine your non-employee workforce population
  • Understand Best Practices Re: Onboarding contractors
  • Assessing benefits/drawbacks of taking your MSP internal
  • Challenges and opportunities when expanding your program regionally or globally


Lynn McKnight

Head of Procurement
Jefferson Science Associates

Jason Cammorata

Director, Strategic Sourcing
MDC Partners
With content-led marketing, advertisers are in a midst of an evolving new world. How should you adapt and evolve to capitalize on this change? Discuss with your peers how best to:

  • Take marketing procurement to the next level
  • Stay on top of changes in the marketing environment
  • Ensure procurement is truly adding value to the procurement function.
  • With more agency consolidation and globalization, how will this impact the function?


Beth Crimmins

Director Of Procurement, Global Marketing and Business Services
Avis Budget Group

Stacy Joslin

Global Supplier Relationship Management and Marketing Procurement Lead
The MRO category still remains one of the most fractured, especially in decentralized, non-mandated corporations. Discuss with your peers ways to tackle:

  • Cleaning up the mismatched data permeating through the MRO category
  • Breaking the integrated model so each component can be sourced independently
  • Tools to help extract hidden savings that wouldn’t be seen otherwise
  • Can mandating suppliers in the MRO space yield cost reductions?
  • Can outsourcing MRO yield additional benefits?


Kumar Kannan

Director of Global Sourcing - Indirect Goods & Services
Owens Corning
Procurement practitioners believe they’ve gotten their travel and meetings spend to a point where they feel they’ve squeezed out all the savings. What’s next in program management? Go beyond re-writing the program and focus on changing the user's mindset permanently for soft benefits and hard bottom line results.

  • Benchmarking your travel and meetings programs; have you really extracted all the savings?
  • Structuring relationships and negotiating fees
  • Innovations in meetings management
  • The impact of airline consolidation and plunging oil prices on negotiations with your program provider


John Becvar

Chief Procurement Officer

Tandra Davis

Senior Vice President, North American Procurement & Administration

10:40 AM - 11:00 AM Morning Refreshment & Networking Break

Working Group 1

11:00 AM - 12:10 PM Getting Global Now: A Deep Dive Into Outsourcing In The Age Of Trump

Michael Heeger, Director, Head of Sourcing Americas, Deutsche Bank Joseph Richardson, President & CEO, Professional Purchasing Partners
Let's take a deep dive into managing your global outsourcing in this new era. In this working group, you'll discuss how to best prepare and manage your global supplier relationships when the old rules no longer apply. Topics include:

  • Focusing on diversifying you suppliers, avoiding vulnerability caused by relying on one.
  • Adapting to changes in the gig economy and a remote contingent workforce
  • Adhering to new global sourcing regulations


Michael Heeger

Director, Head of Sourcing Americas
Deutsche Bank

Joseph Richardson

President & CEO
Professional Purchasing Partners
It’s crystal clear: the majority of businesses are flocking to the cloud. So how can you sharpen your edge when moving from a perpetual license to a subscription based service for your organization? Simple: by knowing the cloud, its costs, and complications inside and out. This working group will cover:

  • The basics: Clarifying the differences between SaaS and the cloud, and private, public and hybrid cloud
  • How you can determine what service level agreement is the best fit for your organization
  • What is the financial case for moving to the cloud, and are the desired cost benefits really being achieved?


Neil Schloss

Procurement Manager IT and Marketing
Perdue Farms

Jerry Chico

Vice President, Procurement
Cross Country Healthcare

Working Group 3

11:00 AM - 12:10 PM Procurement As An Agent Of Change

Nancy Jorgensen, Director, Professional Services Procurement and Performance Management, Grainger , ,
As a modern procurement pro, you must be prepared to become an “agent for change” in areas that go far beyond just cost management. This working group will explore how to do just that!

  • Creating value through innovation
  • Developing Supplier Relationships through SRM
  • Managing supply-based risks
  • Promoting sustainability


Nancy Jorgensen

Director, Professional Services Procurement and Performance Management

Working Group 4

11:00 AM - 12:10 PM The Early Bird Gets The Worm: Getting Early Adoption And Buy-In For Indirect

Karen Webley, Senior Director, Global Procurement, Gartner Caroline Norman, Director of Indirect Procurement, Home Depot
No matter what level your procurement function is at, getting stakeholder buy-in and adoption early and often can be a major challenge. The advantages of early buy-in are many - and it's now more critical than ever, as procurement’s role continues to expand across the enterprise and the role of suppliers in delivering value and mitigating risk continues to increase. In this working group, we'll discuss:

  • How to get involved earlier in the supply negotiation and contract process
  • Presenting innovative ideas for both cost savings and revenue
  • Driving efficiencies through the procurement process and demonstrating value that gets attention and provokes a need for early engagement
  • Proactively demonstrating an understanding of stakeholders' supply markets


Karen Webley

Senior Director, Global Procurement

Caroline Norman

Director of Indirect Procurement
Home Depot

Working Group 5

11:00 AM - 12:10 PM Totally Transformed: A Study In Strategic Change

Kevin Giblin, Chief Procurement Officer, Dun & Bradstreet
If A) the goals of your organization are not being met by your department B) you lack resources for negotiations C) PO's are issued with little to no strategy or D) All of the above, it’s time for a change - and not just a little one. A full on transformation may sound daunting, but this in this working group, we’ll discuss the steps needed for transformation victory. Key topics include:

  • Establishing a vision for your department
  • Getting stakeholder buy-in for change
  • Moving from Tactical to Strategic activities
  • Governance
  • Conducting Spend Analysis
  • Revamping your team to achieve goals


Kevin Giblin

Chief Procurement Officer
Dun & Bradstreet

Working Group 6

11:00 AM - 12:10 PM Prepare For Lift Off: Getting Innovation Off the Ground By Leveraging Supplier Relationships

Amena Smith, Director, Indirect Procurement, Keurig Green Mountain Michael Francolino, Chief Procurement Officer, SGS
A critical component to bringing change and value is innovation - but you can't do it alone. Taking an innovative approach beyond ideas and into supplier relationships is key. In this working group, discuss and identify what it takes to get moving!

  • How to identify and find innovative suppliers in new markets
  • How to encourage existing suppliers to be the potential source of new products or services
  • How to become a customer of choice when dealing with highly innovative suppliers
  • How to think small and get big results by collaborating with start-ups


Amena Smith

Director, Indirect Procurement
Keurig Green Mountain

Michael Francolino

Chief Procurement Officer

12:10 PM - 1:10 PM Lunch

1:10 PM - 2:10 PM Working Group Report Back

The facilitators of the morning working groups will each take 5 minutes to present the outcomes from their session.

These interactive roundtable sessions take a deep dive into the specific areas you came to learn about. Sit and learn in an intimate format from the speakers who have had an impact on their company and industry. Take control of your own event experience and don’t be shy! Ask questions (or answer them!) alongside other conference attendees who are dealing with the same challenges as you network with industry peers with very similar challenges, interests and responsibilities.

1. Travel/Hospitality
Ernie Hernandez. Director Strategic Sourcing, Carnival Corporation
Kristina Hawkins, Senior Director Indirect Supply Chain & PMO, Norwegian Cruise Lines

2. Public Procurement
Devin Reed, Director of Procurement, Jacksonville Aviation Authority

3. Retail
Ken Naughton, Senior Director, Procurement, Party City

4. Pharma
Ron Gregorsok, Vice President, Purchasing, AmerisourceBergen

5. Financial Service
John Healy, Senior Vice President, Head of Strategic Sourcing and Corporate Functions Operations, SunTrust

6. Media/Entertainment
Kevin Betts, Director, Category Management, The E. W. Scripps Company

7. Real Estate/Facility Operations
Joe Paul, Director - Real Estate Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, UnitedHealth Group

8. Manufacturing/Industrial


Ernie Hernandez

Director Strategic Sourcing
Carnival Cruise Lines

Devin Reed

Director of Procurement
Jacksonville Aviation Authority

Ken Naughton

Senior Director, Procurement
Party City

Ron Gregorsok

Vice President, Purchasing

John Healy

Chief Procurement Officer, Senior Vice President, Head of Strategic Sourcing and Corporate Functions Operations
SunTrust Bank

Kevin Betts

Director, Category Management
The E. W. Scripps Company

Joe Paul

Director, Real Estate Strategic Sourcing & Procurement
UnitedHealth Group
Given the rapidly changing business environment facing all industries, the role of the procurement function and specifically the CPO will need to adapt and change. What will these teams look like and how will they serve their stakeholders? Has the CPO function really evolved as we expected? Leading procurement visionaries will share their thoughts on what’s next so that you can embrace, rather than fear, future changes. Key questions that will be discussed include:

  • Has the CPO function evolved the way we thought it would have?
  • What will the future role of the CPO look like? How can a CPO be a truly functional part of the C suite?
  • The CPO of the future – what skills and value will s/he bring to the table
  • What can you do now to prepare


Walt Charles

Chief Procurement Officer

Perneet Malhotra

Vice President, Enterprise Strategic Sourcing

John Fafian

Director - Head of Strategy and Sourcing

Cheryl Hayes

Head of Procurement, Strategy & Innovation
Siemens Healthcare


Gabe Perez

Vice President, Strategy & Market Development

3:40 PM - 4:20 PM Grand Opening Of The Solutions Zone - Treat Yourself To Games & Networking “Conference Opens To All Attendees”

Track A: Mapping The Route For Success: Managing Stakeholder And Team Relationships

4:20 PM - 4:40 PM Presentation: Engaging With Stakeholders To Build Trust

It's a question as old as procurement itself - how do you truly engage stakeholders and sell your value proposition? The question can be vexing for some, and seemingly answered long ago for others. This workshop is designed to be an open dialogue for everyone - regardless of where you fall on the spectrum.

Key topics include:

  • Becoming a trusted, "go-to" brand within an organization
  • Aligning priorities and resources
  • Providing quality - not just cost savings

Track A: Mapping The Route For Success: Managing Stakeholder And Team Relationships

4:40 PM - 5:00 PM Presentation: Machine Learning in Services Procurement – It's a Game Changer

Bruce Morton, Head of Innovation, Allegis Global Solutions
Machine Learning, just one aspect of Artificial Intelligence, is changing Services Procurement as we know it. Allegis Global Solution’s ACUMEN Workforce Intelligence domain and data expertise, together with Brightfield’s Talent Data Exchange technology will enable its client’s full visibility, faster placement process and greater ROI reporting. Machine learning technology can consider millions of factors to answer complicated contingent workforce and SOW questions with unparalleled speed. Historically, analyzing the many dimensions and unstructured data required an extensive manual process. Now, due to the technology developed by Allegis Global Solutions and Brightfield Strategies the process is entirely automated to give you visibility, insight and predictability.


Bruce Morton

Head of Innovation
Allegis Global Solutions

Track A: Mapping The Route For Success: Managing Stakeholder And Team Relationships

5:00 PM - 5:40 PM Interactive Workshop: The Cream Of The Crop: Attracting Top Talent For Your Procurement Organization

Frustrated when you finally have your team in place and then a key person jumps ship for another opportunity? Dreading the lengthy hiring process dictated by leadership? Impacted by a hiring freeze and not sure what to do? This workshop will address these questions by sharing practices and techniques that will help you attract and retain the cream of the crop regardless of your budget, headcount or industry.

  • Ways to approach the hiring process (hiring internal vs. external)
  • Defining and reassessing individual roles and responsibilities
  • Keeping both junior and senior employees engaged

Track B: When The Route Changes: Managing Organizational And Team Change

4:20 PM - 4:40 PM Presentation: How to Survive and Thrive During A Merger Or Acquisition

Linda Zercher, Director, Global Indirect Procurement, Densply Sirona
Mergers and acquisitions can sometimes seem like a tidal wave slowly moving towards your organization - and most business case integrations require a substantial portion of the overall value proposition be executed by procurement. Hear how Densply Sirona – the market leader in consumable dental products with over $3B in revenue - led these efforts to thrive in a time of transition.

  • Determining roles and responsibilities
  • Identifying and responding to team synergies and differences
  • Determining optimal vendor strategy


Linda Zercher

Director, Global Indirect Procurement
Densply Sirona

Track B: When The Route Changes: Managing Organizational And Team Change

4:40 PM - 5:00 PM Presentation: Making Your Metrics Count: Finding Better Analytics To Drive High Performance

Jake Wojcik, Senior Vice President, Insight Sourcing Group
How have you defined your key metrics and linked them to a broader set of corporate KPIs? Which metrics have been most useful?

How have you aligned financial functions with procurement metrics to measure financial impact, financial performance, and the bottom line?

How have you used metrics to help justify department growth, including more dedicated resources for your function?

How does your Procurement organization benefit from external benchmarking?


Jake Wojcik

Senior Vice President
Insight Sourcing Group

Track B: When The Route Changes: Managing Organizational And Team Change

5:00 PM - 5:40 PM Debate: Centralized Vs. Decentralized Procurement

Nilton Garcia, Head of Procurement Americas, LafargeHolcim Brian Bancroft, Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, Church and Dwight Eric Smith, Purchasing Manager, Straumann USA
This lively debate will highlight the benefits and drawbacks centralized and decentralized sourcing efforts. This engaging and fun session will provide you with the knowledge insight, and anecdotes needed to assess your current organizational structure.

  • Stakeholder management
  • Risk management
  • Is there room for a hybrid model?


Nilton Garcia

Head of Procurement Americas

Brian Bancroft

Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer
Church and Dwight

Eric Smith

Purchasing Manager
Straumann USA

Track C: Under The Hood: Procurement Operations And Data

4:20 PM - 4:40 PM Presentation: What's Coming In Data And Analytics? Emerging Data And Analytics Trends

William Cheung, Director, Procurement Analytics, CBS Corporation
Data is hot! What are the latest trends in data and analytics that will carry procurement forward? What can they do for your procurement function, and how can you use them to your advantage? This informative presentation will address:

  • How to examine, use and understand data in order to use it effectively for your upcoming strategies
  • How can you use data analytics trends as an enabler to broaden a traditional procurement function and endorse your business?
  • How can data be managed to benefit the wider business?
  • How can you differentiate which data is important for each line of business?


William Cheung

Director, Procurement Analytics
CBS Corporation

Track C: Under The Hood: Procurement Operations And Data

4:40 PM - 5:00 PM Presentation: The Paradox of IT Spend: How to Influence the Biggest Cost Reduction Opportunity and Claim Savings

Dan Ashton, Sr. Director, Product Strategy, Rimini Street, Inc.
Procurement has never played a more critical role in its ability to influence corporate profitability and growth. But there’s a paradox of IT spending that most organizations aren’t aware of — and that’s the amount spent to maintain existing systems versus expenditure on new initiatives. Most procurement organizations have no idea that the biggest opportunity for savings is likely not the one they’re thinking about! Learn about 3 specific strategies to uncover dramatic savings in IT spend:

  • A practical and persuasive approach to get IT to partner with you to drive savings
  • Tips on negotiating with the technology mega vendors
  • Given that nearly 90% of IT budgets spent on maintaining systems and only 10% available for strategic business initiatives, how can procurement be a catalyst and lead this transformation?


Dan Ashton

Sr. Director, Product Strategy
Rimini Street, Inc.

Track C: Under The Hood: Procurement Operations And Data

5:00 PM - 5:40 PM Panel: Creating An Amazon-Like Experience For End Users Of eSourcing Tools

Robert Saini, Procurement Director, Astellas Pharma Jill Robbins, Director, Global Procurement – Indirect Goods and Services, Elanco Gloria Esparza, Global eProcurement Lead, Monsanto
More than ever before, our stakeholders are demanding easy to use, one-touch solutions when using the myriad of eSourcing tools that are available to them. These demands come in an environment where budgets for such solutions are not always available. This panel of experts will share their journey in creating a ‘customer first’ mentality in their sourcing organization and related eSourcing tools. This session will inspire you to do the same within your own organization!

  • Balancing ease of use vs. spending controls
  • Managing within existing technology infrastructure
  • Developing a procurement technology strategy


Robert Saini

Procurement Director
Astellas Pharma

Jill Robbins

Director, Global Procurement – Indirect Goods and Services

Gloria Esparza

Global eProcurement Lead
(limited to 30 CPOs & Global Heads of Indirect with $1B+ in spend)

CPO Network

4:20 PM - 5:00 PM Executive Boardroom: Leveraging Your Executive Leadership When Managing Key Suppliers

Jocelyn Stahl, Director, Indirect Sourcing, Hershey’s
We’ve all been there before. You find out at 4:30 pm that one of your executives wants some talking points for a supplier meeting and you have to scramble.

While some of these firedrills are unavoidable how do you stay ahead of the curve and help your executive team influence positive change in your supplier relationships?
This executive boardroom provide a forum among procurement leaders to share methods, techniques (and a few pitfulls) to help embrace your relationship with the C-Suite to help accomplish your goals.


Jocelyn Stahl

Director, Indirect Sourcing

CPO Network

5:00 PM - 5:40 PM Executive Boardroom: CPO Leadership: The Key To Powerful Procurement

Austin McKeehan, Chief Procurement Officer, TIAA CREF
We all know the role of CPO comes with power - and in today’s complex business environment, a CPO must think like a CEO, focusing on key business drivers from an enterprise-wide perspective. However, many CPOs don't take full advantage and channel that power into this true leadership role. So how can CPO's break out of the often felt "victim-mentality" and become the leader their team needs and business wants, when they often feel undervalued? Find out in this enlightening presentation and open discussion!


Austin McKeehan

Chief Procurement Officer

5:40 PM - 7:30 PM Sunshine State Soiree In The Solutions Zone

Last year’s Women In Procurement Dinner was huge success and a welcomed addition to the ProcureCon agenda - so let’s keep it going and make the community even stronger! You’ll have at least two hours in an intimate setting to discuss the challenges women in procurement face and celebrate their successes. Participation provides you with access to a growing network of peers you can connect with throughout the year. Space is limited to just 40 attendees, so be sure to RSVP as soon as you can!


Joanna Martinez

Supply Chain Advisors LLP

Nancy Jorgensen

Director, Professional Services Procurement and Performance Management